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Date: 8th June 2016
Brush Generator
The ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small unit of small capacity which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships as well as for household electric devices used in towns or villages.?The construction of the generators is of drip-proof,Website:http://www.fjtjmotor.com, salient pole rotating filed self-excitation and constant voltage type. The alternator inside is used with high quality electric magnetic and electrical materials. Stator insulation is of Class E (or B), rotor insulation is Class B. These generators are excellent in appearance. They are solid in construction and easy to maintain. Dimensions are adopted IEC standard; they are suitable for Australia, Europe, America and other countries if the end covers are model B.?The alternators are of harmonic wave self-excitation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system; both of them have excellent dynamic performance, convenient and reliable in operation. ?The voltage of the alternator is 230v or 115v (if necessary it can be 240V or 120V). The frequency is 50HZ or 60HZ its operation mode is of continuous duty.?The alternator can be coupled with a prime mover directly or thorough a V-belt with 5% change of speed the prime mover under load variation of 0??100% at a voltage of 230v or 115v 50HZ or 60HZ to get a satisfactory constant-Voltage performance.TypeOutputCurrent(A)VoltagePower factorPole numberSpeed(rpm)Series connectionParallel connectionSeries connectionParallel connectionST-228.717.4230115141500ST-33132641500ST-5521.743.541500ST-7.57.532.665.241500ST-101043.58741500ST-121252.5104.441500ST-151565.2130.441500ST-20208717441500INSTALLATION SIZE AND OVERALL DIMENSION ? ? ?TypeOutput(kw)Installation Size(mm)Overall Dimension(mm)Weight(Kg)ABCDEFGHKabH1hL1L2gST-2KW221617889?328010271321234250183854802703565ST-3KW321617889?328010271321234250183854802703570ST-5KW5254254108?3880103316015503102544058032541120ST-7.5KW7.5254254108?3880103316015503102544058032541130ST-10KW10279203121?42110123718015603392548061036545140ST-12KW12279203121?42110123718015603392548061036545155ST-15KW15318228133?481101442.520019603783054066040051.5192ST-20KW20318228133?481101442.520019603783054066040051.5202The generators are to be used in town, the countryside, worksites, and mountain?and pasture lands as a electric?power source for lighting purpose, it can also be used as a reserved power source for emergent case. The generators are of drip-proof with rotary filed type and with the adoption of harmonic excitation system, which?allow you operate easily and maintain simply. The generators are of three-phase four-wire type, making use of star connection with neutral point. The rated line voltage is 400v, phase voltage 230v, frequency 50HZ, power factor 0.8 (Lagging). It can provide 60HZ and the other voltage?s generator according to necessary. They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through V-belt making right or reverse continuous rotation at the rated speed. When the revolution slip of prime mover is 3% and load varies in the range of ?0??100% cos ?1.0-0.8 they give good constant voltage. After sudden change (increase or decrease) of load, the generators will soon return to their normal working state. Without any starting devices the generator can directly start and unloaded squirrel cage induction motor.TypeOutput(KW)Output(KVA)Current(A)Pole numberSpeed (rpm)STC-333.85.441500STC-556.3941500STC- Size (mm)Overall Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)KWKVAABCDEFGHKabH1hL1L2gSTC-333.821617889?328010271321334250184004802703570STC-556.3254254108?3880123316016503102545058032541120STC- 230v 50HZ/min COS ?=1.0Rated outputRated Voltage (V)Rated Currant(A)Welding voltage under (V)Welding Current(A)Continuous rate under load(%)Current adjustment range for welding(A)KWKVASD-55523021.7?801604070-200SD- 400v 50HZ 1500r/min COS ?=0.8SD-5554009?801404060-160SD-