Fuan City TONGJI Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd

Date: 8th June 2016
WuXi Generator Sets
Wuxi power engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the China?s machinery industry of the top 500,Website:http://www.fjtjmotor.com,AAAA grade quality for the state enterprise. Its power under the Vandy had been honored the National Machinery Industry Corporation progressive example enterprise management. Their product?WD Series Diesel has the cost-effective, operational, maintenance costs economy, large power and so on features. The indicators have reached international standards. The distribution of the generators is widely used in real estate, medium and large enterprises, mine fields and other important sectors.?450KW WXD series diesel generator sets technical specification Generator set technical parameters Model number?WEB-450Steady voltage adjusting rate?%???1Output?450KWVoltage fluctuation rate (%)???0.5Power factor?COS?=0.8?Lagging?Transient voltage regulation?%???20??15Voltage?400V/230VVoltage stable time?s???1Current?810ASteady State frequency regulation ??????1Rated frequency?50HzFrequency fluctuation ??????0.5Rated rotating speed?1500rpmTransient frequency regulation?????10??7Fuel grade??standard?0#light diesel oil?normal temperature?Frequency stable time?S???3Dimension?3600?1750?2000?L?W?H mm?Fuel consumption?100% load)?211g/kW?hWeight?3980kgNoise?LP7m??95dB?A?Diesel motor technical parameters?Brand/place of origin: WXDCooling way?Closed Water Cycling CoolingType?WD269TAD48Fuel supply way?Direct injectionNumber of Cylinder?12Speed regulation method?Speed regulation method: Electronic governing systemBore*stroke?138?150 mmAir intake mode?turbochargingCompression ratio?17.5?1Capacity of overload?110?Starting mode: DC24V electric startingRotate speed?1500rpmGenerator technical parameters?Generator brand?Tongji generatorProtection grade?IP22Type?MAH-4Connection mode?three-phase four wire,Y type connectionRated power?450KWAdjusting mode?AVR?Automatic voltage regulator?Rated voltage?400V/230VFrequency?50HzInsulation?HOutput factor?COS?=0.8?Lagging?Generator set standard configuration?Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel)?AC synchronous generator (single bearing)Suitable environment 40??50??radiator tank, belt-driven cooling fan, protection cover of fan?Air switch, standard configuration control panel??Generator set steel common base (including: damping rubber blanket)??Dry-type air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starting motor, self-charging generator??Starting batteries and connecting cables??Industrial 9dB silencer and standard component for connection?Attached documents: Original technique documents for diesel engine and generator, generator set instruction, test report?Optional component (extra charge)??Engine oil, diesel oil, water-jacket , anti-condensation heater?Split-type fuel tank, integrated fuel tank base?automatic battery charger?Rain-proof model set(Bin)?Self-protection, self-starting control panel?silent type model set?Bin??Three-remote function control panel?Mobile Trailer type power station(Bin trailer)?ATS?Silent type mobile station(Bin trailer)?executive standard?International standard certification ISO9001?2000Implementation of industry standards GB/T19001-2008